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Somatic Movement


Coming home to ourselves through body consciousness.

We are movement.  There is never any given moment when we are not in movement, from the expansion and contraction of our lungs, to the vibration of our cells and REM in our sleep cycles.  It is through movement that we are in relationship with ourselves, other people and our environment and when we are disconnected from body, we lose our spontaneity, our sense of clarity and freedom.  We begin to act out of patterns, repeating them over and over again without awareness, we even repeat the same movements throughout our day, every day.


Our bodies are always talking to us through sensation, impulse, intuition, dream, resistance, pain, contraction and for many of us, we don't pay attention until we have no choice but to stop and listen.  By relearning the innate language of the body, we can access the wisdom of the body's knowing, enabling us to be responsive to the present moment.  Choices, insights and creative living become available because we are tuning into a richer way of knowing and being.  

Somatic movement sessions are a safe space for you to be facilitated in to a curious, kind and respectful relationship with your body so you have access to the aliveness & wisdom within you.  These practices are healing and transformative because movement is our first, most integral language and it is through our lack of movement range and expression which ultimately inhibits and diminishes us.  

Listening to the body requires us to slow down and tune in to our innate rhythms and pace.  In such a busy world, this gift of time can be a welcome and healing experience in itself.  In sessions, we shall take some to tune in to the body and explore how the body is through practices such as natural movement, Focusing, breath, sound & talking, therapeutic touch & creative practices which support integration of your experiences.  With absolutely no emphasis on how movement looks, you shall be supported to find the movements already within your body, learning how to track and follow the information within, which may support natural  gestures and movement to arise spontaneously.  Body knows how to heal itself, we have just forgotten how to allow these innates processes to happen with our cooperation.

I am a registered somatic movement educator and therapist which means I recognise the body as home.  I am curious about what the body knows and I am passionate about supporting people to come home to themselves.

If this piques your interest or you recognise your relationship with body has been traumatised or you would like a richer embodied life, please contact me.  I shall be delighted to here from you.





Somatic Movement with Caroline has been healing for my well-being unlike any other method I have tried.  It's authentic, calming and a safe way to work through things that I have never even realised needed attention.  Being connected with my own body whilst always feeling safe to express how it feels that very day provides a sense of freedom and gratitude for myself, my body and connecting with others.


I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for the time we have spent together and for the care, love and deep attentiveness you have shown me. I feel really proud of the work we achieved together and what your work has helped me to do. 

When I first came to see you I felt very helpless, lost and hopeless, and I feel that a healing journey has been profound and deep, much more than I could have imagined.

I have really appreciated being able to explore movement and embodied emotions as part of our sessions and this practice has had a lasting and profound impact on my life.

Our work has allowed me access into healing and self love as well as a huge range of approaches to continue the work on."


I have attended a somatic movement workshop led by Caroline as part of Dundee Women's Festival.  Caroline is undoubtedly a skilled practitioner and a fantastic group facilitator.  I felt guided and supported throughout.  Caroline has a gift of making you feel at ease.  I was able to abandon shame and truly connect.

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