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Please check out innerdance scotland's page for upcoming online and in-person events.

You can also find more information at

click here to read my recently published article on innerdance in the BACP spiritual practice journal.  ‘This article first appeared in the April 2024 issue of Thresholds, published by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. 


what is innerdance?

innerdance is a blended conscious state between waking and dreaming which is stimulated using ancient sound entrainment, current neuroscience and technology enabling body and mind to return to resonance and flow.  The process is supported individually and in groups using carefully curated pre-recorded and live soundscapes which are purposefully sculpted to entrain brain waves to synchronise and mimic the oscillations they make during REM sleep cycles.  Within this waking dream, we are lucid observers to the many stories, images, sensations, memories located inside of us.  Being held in parasympathetic deep rest with enough sympathetic arousal required for healing and change to occur, we are able to face our fears without being scared, enabling us to return to a state of freedom and authenticity.


The traditional process is to lie down on your back with eyes closed and allow the soundscape to take you on an internal journey unique to who you are and how you are.  I also hold space which incorporates art-making and meditative drawing practices; this invites creative flow to be experienced whilst supported with innerdance sounds and is a fascinating and equally powerful process. 


 Many people report seeing images unfold like a movie, or  feel sensations in the body.  It is not uncommon to have a preference of experience which limits our potential significantly and reinforces patterns, judgements and behaviours which enable continued avoidance of what needs our loving attention.  With practice, we can teach our bodies and minds to remember how to surrender to our innate self-healing capacities and cooperate with the infinite wisdom within, reclaiming trust and a deep sense of belonging to the world and the cosmos, which is our nature embodied.  You are the source of your own healing and everything you need is inside of you, always.

The science:

With a carefully curated homemade playlist I create, designed to harmonise the electricity and magnetism within the body, purposefully organised to stimulate brain waves with intention to cloud the linear, reductive view, the brain can experience it's fuller potential as each lobe is awoken, enabling a generalised spread of electricity which repatterns the autonomic nervous system and can bring us back to unity, similar to that of the newborn baby where there is no separation (this happened to me and I had to go through the developmental tasks of baby to grow up, I am still in this process) Intuitive touch is offered as a stimulus to deepen and support your journey.

The process mimics an 8 hour REM sleep cycle with experiences similar to lucid dreaming. You may experience synesthesia, imagery, emotion, sensation, release, time changes, impulse to move or sound.

Many people feel a strong impulse to move, or sound out and this is welcomed and supported.  You are invited to trust and allow the innate wisdom of the body to express itself in movement.  Others sink deep into trance states and rest in sacred stillness as they journey, perhaps for the whole session. Every time is different and the experience varies with the individual. The innerdance continues after the soundscape ends and you may experience vivid dreams, grief as old stories fall away, clarity and transformation.

I am a highly experienced and skilled innerdance facilitator and trainer. I facilitate projects in a number of different contexts including schools and other community settings.  I offer weekly innerdance online and groups throughout Scotland including Dundee, Perth, Glasgow and Aberdeen.  I also provided individual innerdance sessions.

Innerdance is a way of life for me and I support myself through extensive personal studies of science, philosphy, the arts etc, ongoing intensive studies with the founder, pi and innerdance elders.  I also engage in daily/weekly innerdances of my own which enable me to hold deep space for others to journey safely.

Please contact me for information on this powerful practice and to find out about upcoming events or if you would like me to visit your locality to hold timespace for innerdance, I will be delighted to accept your invitation.




During Caroline’s Inner Dance workshop we were encouraged to feel safe and held - supported to explore our inner selves through the means of sound, music and touch.


Caroline has a kindness and warmth which is perfectly suited to group work of a healing and emotional nature. She has wisdom yet is humble and approachable - ensuring the participants in her groups are able to express themselves freely and to ask open and honest questions.


I would highly recommend Caroline’s group work for anyone seeking to heal, to find out more about themselves and to push their edges.


Just took part in an innerdance workshop last night led by Caroline.  It was amazing.  We took a journey through wave motions of different sounds and music, some soothing, some jarring.  This was to work with your autonomic nervous system to realight it to a more natural system.  I rediscovered my hips and womanly earthly movements.  I felt such joy and peace.  Not everyone has the same journey, it will be where ever you are in your journey.  I highly recommend this workshop.  Thank you Caroline.


Thank you so much for facilitating this wonderful journey.  I loved the initial meditation and the way you held space before and after the session.  The playlist worked a treat.  Highly recommended!  Thanks for your very generous and full of love offering!  With immense gratitude in my heart! 

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