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welcome colleague!


 I am a practising somatic supervisor with over  24 years experience as a counsellor and 16 years

experience offering somatic & creative supervision to advanced practitioners & counsellors

in training throughout the UK.


I have extensive experience supporting students from a variety of approaches taught at

various universities & colleges throughout the UK.  I also provide professional support to local and national

charities and training organisations and run several supervision groups for an international psychotherapy organisation.

I am passionate about supporting practitioners in the development of somatic counselling skills as I believe that

therapy which focuses on mind as the exclusive source of perception & wisdom to the exclusion of the rest of

the body, creates a conditional foundation for limited growth.

I am rooted in person-centred and transpersonal practice & value supervision as a co-creative relationship

where all of you is welcome in service to your clients & to your personal and professional growth.

If this is part of your practice, or it piques your curiosity & you would like to learn & co-create in supervision this

way, please contact me.  I would be delighted to hear from you.


Somatic Supervision

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