I appreciate your curiosity guiding you here. Firstly, if we choose to work together, I will take tender care to ensure you feel warmly welcome and safe to explore what you need to.  Together we will co-create a therapeutic relationship which supports your curiosity, your needs and your self-expression.  The foundations of our relationship shall be rooted in respect, care, understanding, radical kindness, and ultimately play.


Somatic Counselling

Each session shall include creative and experiential embodiment practices in self-care where particular focus is paid to internal experiences, bringing them into awareness through spoken word, gesture, movement, breath, therapeutic touch (when consent is given), mark making, dream work, ancestry, fairy tales, mythology, Walk & Talks and so on; our options are abundant. 


Beyond sessions, it is your choice to make space for your new awareness by creating change and shifts in your life which support the treasures you have uncovered. I would like to acknowledge that you may experience resistance and together, we can navigate this natural, sticky part of the growth process. You've been doing things a certain way for a long time &  your coping habits and distraction patterns have enabled your survival, keeping you at a 'safe' distance from your core fears, yet it is time to live more fully, reclaiming choices towards vitality & your authentic self. 


What I have discovered is the potency of staying with my growth process, learning not to abandon myself through fear, finding the joy in yielding and going with the flow instead of fighting against the tide.


 Invitations which arise intuitively in session might feel counter-intuitive at first.  Together, we shall support you into growing beyond what you think your comfort zone is towards your authentic self.



(There is no pressure or expectation for us to move from our chairs & equally there is no pressure or expectation that we shall start in our chairs.  The session is your gift to yourself and I shall support you in what feels right for you).