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Silent Counselling

Silent Counselling is not Counselling.   It is a process of releasing stagnant and unprocessed energy in the body, facilitating self-healing and rebalance.  It is a simple and safe series of practices which in silence, go directly to the root cause of pain which is the result of unprocessed emotion and old thinking which has contributed to you staying stuck in the past.

It is not essential to talk about your issue, you shall be supported to make direct contact with it and support it's release through breathwork and working the meridian pathways within the body.  Body is the source and location of your healing, always.  Body knows exactly what to do, we have forgotten how to cooperate with the smart force of its innate nature and intelligence.

This practice can support the healing of ancestral wounding, childhood issues, anything which continues to play out in your life which stops you from thriving, perpetuating your survival stories.

As a counsellor of over 24 years, I am continuously delighted by how swift this simple process is in taking us to what needs to heal.  If you would like to book a session or are curious to know more, please contact me.


I met with Caroline yesterday for a silent counselling appointment. For anyone who knows me they will all be aware of my extreme reluctance and anxiety with regards to a mindfulness or such like but wow.. Caroline I have nothing but praise for you. Gentle, kind, friendly, and allowing me time to work through the session at my pace was such an empathetic approach. I cannot say enough to compliment your professionalism and style of counselling. For the first time in more years than I care to mention... wow you made me realise.... i can do this !!! Thank you


Recently just finished silent counselling with Caroline and Iv never felt better her whole energy made me feel at ease. I can’t put it into words how this made me feel my whole energy shifted but I would recommend this to anyone thank you again Caroline you are amazing


I recently had some silent counselling sessions with Caroline and it was a truly unique and positive experience that left me feeling emotionally lighter and mentally clear without the need to verbalise my thoughts or feelings. If you find it difficult to express yourself verbally, I would recommend trying this technique in the safe space Caroline offers
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