Caroline Georgiou

B.A, PG Dip, M.A. 

Member BACP

Student Member ISMETA

I provide a safe, therapeutic space for unheard voices to be listened to and understood, with heart. I am based in Dundee and alongside my established Counselling practice, I also offer Movement for Wellbeing with Conscious Movement sessions or Walk and Talks


I experience Counselling and my movement practices as Co-creation, two people developing a dynamic and responsive relationship. My invitation is for you to explore and unpack what is around for you with me as your companion and witness.



Counselling offers you a safe space to be free to express yourself without judgement, to discover insight which can be challenging, to meet your resistance and to have a solid connection with someone. 


For me, Counselling is a choice about, and commitment to, your developing self-care.  It is equally about celebrating and discovering what feels good as exploring and healing what hurts. It invites possibilities and authentic living.

"My heart is my humanity,

my courage to live,

my strength and fierce passion. 

By means of it nothing is foreign to me".

                 James Hillman      


My aim in counselling is to enable you to be and feel heard, to be witnessed, acknowledged and to experience a sense of connection.  Together we will co-create a relationship that will support you to develop a stronger sense of who you are, what you want and need, and understand how you are in relationships so that you can be with yourself and others with a greater sense of awareness, having solid boundaries and flexibility.


My commitment to you is to:

  • listen to you with an open mind & an open heart

  • accept you and never judge you

  • maintain your confidentiality

  • challenge you

  • be willing to learn from you and to grow

  • provide affordable counselling

  • continue my ongoing development

  • work alongside you with integrity and professionalism

  • support you as you explore your feelings & experiences

How counselling helps


Anyone can benefit from Counselling. We all need support at different times in our lives and Counselling can help you to feel less anxiety, worry and shame alongside an increased flexibility and personal freedom as you feel more connected to yourself and the people in your life.   


Person-Centred Counselling can help you to:

  • Explore your self-concept and become more connected to your body, feelings, thoughts and emotions.

  • Develop your self-awareness and compassionate acceptance of who you are.

  • Trust and value your own experiences.

  • Build your self-worth.

  • Enable you to develop healthy boundaries with yourself and others.

  • heal from your trauma, whatever that is.

  • Learn how to help yourself to feel safe when anxious, scared, uncomfortable.

  • Be spontaneous.

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