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You are warmly welcome

My name is Caroline and I have counselled with heart for over 24 years.  As a counselling elder, I have significant experience in holding safe, sensitive & therapeutic spaces in service to the sacred journeys we are called to explore.  

With particular focus on the body as home, you shall be supported to reconnect with your innate wisdom & resources safely, exploring at the pace & depth you consent to and which feels right for you in the moment.

Soma is the Greek word for the living body & Somatics is the creative & responsive practice of supporting the body to experience it's own aliveness consciously.  

Somatic Counselling is the healing practice of supporting & deepening awareness of our experiences from within & gently thawing those frozen, unwitnessed, undigested moments in time, allowing those parts of you to be cared for & integrated into the whole of you, enabling body/mind reunion where there has been a
 sense of split.

Free from interpretation and judgement, I shall support your meaning making process as you relearn how to welcome and accept what you discover with compassion and curiosity, freeing yourself to live with growing authenticity.




I have gone to extraordinary lengths and depths to know myself and it was not until I returned to my body as home that profound transformation began.  I believe that therapy must support somatic and spiritual awareness because without body, we are spirit without a home and this is a place of disconnection, dissociation & trauma.  To live only in our heads is to retreat into the attic, never venturing downstairs.  We don't have to stay so restricted, we can relearn to trust the smart force of our nature & reclaim ourselves.

My personal practice supports my ongoing journeying and so I make regular appointments with my unconscious through authentic movement & sacred dance practices, rituals, personal counselling, drawing, journaling, poetry, anything that animates my soul.  My spiritual practice continues to deepen with my studies of Innerdance and I now offer sessions locally, online and one-to-one. I also offer somatic movement group workshops  and this helps me to keep my practice fresh and supports me to deepen my abilities as a guide.

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