What to expect

Doing anything new can awaken our anxiety, highlighting our ever-present need for safety and consistency. This is also true in counselling.  It is natural and understandable to be apprehensive and these feelings may linger and arise before our meetings.  You may find yourself move between inspiration and resistance.  Notice what emerges.
My heartfelt intention is to welcome you as you are and to reassure you that you are safe.
  • On arrival, I shall offer you some tea or coffee. I like to drink tea when I work, it not only keeps me hydrated, but it serves as an anchor for me. It is important that I am solid in our work together. I also think there is something very welcoming about being offered an anchor of your own.

  • I don’t sit in a particular chair and it is up to you where you feel most comfortable, which may be sitting on the floor or moving in the space. I have decorated my room to reflect who I am and hopefully to offer you a sense of calm and comfort.

  • I have three clocks in the room so that we can both be responsible for our therapeutic hour. I have a strong reaction to the stereotypical image of the counsellor looking at their watch and saying “Your time is up”. I shall be mindful of time and I will gently let you know when our time is running out so that we can end the session appropriately.

  • Each session lasts one hour and it is your choice on what you would like to explore. Around the room shall be a variety of creative resources & you are invited to attend to your needs by following your impulse on how you want to express yourself. I invite you to come in and make your choice.  This is your time, will you allow yourself to do what you need to do?

  •  (Sometimes, you may come in with an agenda, and at other times, you may not know what you want to explore). It's amazing how many clients have sat down stating that they don't know what to say or where to start and before we know it, an hour has nearly passed and deep therapeutic work has taken place.

  • There is no right or wrong way to be. The process will reflect your uniqueness. This is an opportunity to express yourself freely without fear of judgement. There is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” client or process.

  • Sometimes we don't have the words to describe what is going on for us and you might prefer to explore another form of creative expression (art, writing, poetry, tarot (for self-awareness, not fortune telling), clay etc).

  • In the first session, we can look at what you need from counselling and we shall review this when it feels right to do so.

  • Our relationship is not time-limited and we will work at your pace. It is up to you when it is time to end our work.  

  • I shall be myself and offer empathic understanding, acceptance, warmth and be non-judgemental. I shall gently challenge you.

  • We will build a therapeutic relationship and I shall be committed to you and your process.

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