Walk and Talks

More than a simple combination of counselling with the great outdoors, this is an intentional practice to widen perception and reconnect with our primary interconnection with nature.  It is an indigenous practice of opening up to what is beyond our narrow focus to the ever-present awesomeness of our world and our place within it.

As a form of ecotherapy, walk and talks are a practice of slowing down to notice the world we inhabit and where our encounters with the other than human world are at the centre of our attention and intention.  This practice enables us to hold dual attention to our bodies in relationship with the body of earth, attuning to our senses, including gravity, space, air to name a few.  Borrowing from Bill Plotkin...

"What happens...when we allow nature itself to be the primary therapist or guide, while the human mentor or adviser becomes more of an assistant to nature, an agent or handmaiden of the wild?"



Walk and Talks are not suitable if you are in extreme distress or crisis.  Contact me to discuss what service would best suit your needs.



Dundee has beautiful scenery and river views.  There are great walks and routes available to us.



A session can go ahead in light rain and we can confirm several hours in advance whether it is possible to proceed with our arrangement.


Prior to arranging a Walk and Talk, we would have a "Getting to Know You" session.


Available times

Walk and Talk sessions can be scheduled for mornings and early afternoons. They are one hour in length. See fees page.

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