Caroline has a gentle yet honest approach which challenges me to be truly honest with my own feelings.  Her ability to see the core of an issue I'm facing has helped me to develop a greater sense of introspection and to understand the origins of my own emotions and behavioural patterns.  In all our sessions she has remained kind, accepting and open with me, which has helped me to feel safe in some very vulnerable moments. I'd definitely recommend her. 

Conscious Movement with Caroline has been healing for my well-being unlike any other method I have tried.  It's authentic, calming and a safe way to work through things that I have never even realised needed attention.  Being connected with my own body whilst always feeling safe to express how it feels that very day provides a sense of freedom and gratitude for myself, my body and connecting with others.

Caroline has changed me in a very short time from someone who doubted everyone and everything into someone who can make decisions, see things through clear glasses and not misted ones. I am now a positive, clear-thinking person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

As a strong, professional, confident woman, I never thought I'd see the day when I'd fall into deep depression, suffer with anxiety or lose all of my self-confidence.  Whilst I will never forget that time in my life, I will also never forget how Caroline welcomed me into her professional life at that time. Caroline had a unique ability to bring out my feelings and she taught me to realise it was ok to feel how I did.  Importantly she helped me learn how to deal with my feelings and I will continue to use that learning for years to come.  I have fallen back in love with life, everyday situations and the people that remain close to me again. Thank you Caroline. 

It was a big step to admit that I needed counselling.  I always felt that my problems weren't as great as those of others.  However, since I started working with Caroline I feel that my confdience has increased, I undersell myself less and I am starting to understand my behaviour patterns and cycles.  Caroline helps me to understand my experiences in a different way and from a different perspective in a completely non-judgemental environment.  The feeling of being understood and the support that she gives to me is important beyond words.

Of course I was nervous about seeing a counsellor, I had put it off for years.  However Caroline put me at ease and helped me to open up, helped me to face some of my fears and confront my past. Listening, questioning and challenging, after every session I felt better and better, a little bit lighter, happier, comfortable and confident. I have no doubt that counselling with Caroline helped and will continue to have a positive impact throughout my life.

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for the time we have spent together and for the care, love and deep attentiveness you have shown me. I feel really proud of the work we achieved together and what your work has helped me to do. 

When I first came to see you I felt very helpless, lost and hopeless, and I feel that a healing journey has been profound and deep, much more than I could have imagined.

I have really appreciated being able to explore movement and embodied emotions as part of our sessions and this practice has had a lasting and profound impact on my life.

Our work has allowed me access into healing and self love as well as a huge range of approaches to continue the work on."

Met Caroline when I felt stuck, low confidence and unable to move forward.  With the help and guidance from Caroline I was able to make my way out of the rut and have become really quite self-aware to notice if I start slipping back into the old ways!  The experience was great and I have learned a lot about myself with Caroline's help. Always felt relaxed to talk, cry, laugh or be confused in the sessions and felt the support every day when I needed it.  Great positive experience with Caroline.

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