Somatic Supervision

  • I offer creative, person-centred, somatic supervision to qualified Counsellors & Counsellors in Training of any modality. 

Colorful Sand Art

Somatic Supervision is a co-creative relationship where both the supervisor and supervisee meet with the intention of enhancing the supervisee's development and practice.  The supervisee is invited to bring their therapeutic relationships to life through creative, somatic practices which stimulate and support awareness and deepen understanding. I practice Focusing and am happy to be a companion to a supervisee who would like to use this practice to attune to their felt senses.


I am passionate about providing a safe, creative and innovative space for counsellors to deepen their conscious embodiment and relationship with their intuition and senses.  I have extensive experience in supervision and benefit greatly from the 18-year relationship I have built with my supervisor (psychodynamic).  The energy that my supervisor and I have created inspires and nourishes me as a practitioner.


  • Supervision is an ethical obligation and a crucial source of support, growth and learning.

  • As practitioners, it is our responsibility to explore blocks to our work, to understand the relationships we are creating with clients and to recognise the impact being a counsellor has on us.


My commitment to you:

  • Available when you need support with your practice (extends out with arranged sessions)

  • To listen to you with an open mind and open heart

  • To be responsible to you and your clients.

  • To encourage your growth and development

  • To participate fully in creating a mutual alliance with you

  • To challenge you and be open to challenge

  • To use my supervision to ensure I am supporting you the best way I can



Sessions can be held either in person or online.


Contact me and we can discuss how I can support you in your practice or training.



Counsellors in training


I am happy to provide reports as part of your supervision requirements, free of charge.  As the supervisory relationship is a mutual, transparent alliance,we would work together to complete the necessary paperwork.  I find this approach facilitates integration and is congruent with the person-centred way of practice.