Mental Health

Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, feeling suicidal, addiction



  • Assistant Psychologist for 2 years in New York City

  • Support Worker for The Richmond Fellowship

  • National Helpline Advisor for Breathing Space (NHS 24)

  • Specialist mental health placement in final year of first degree



  • Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid Certificate

  • Working with Self-harm & Self-Injury (University of Dundee) 

  • Living With Self-Harm (Recovery Health & Wellbeing Academy)

  • Addictive Relationships with Food (The Counselling and Family Centre)

  • Women and Alcohol (Tayside Council on Alcohol)

  • Treating Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorders (National Counselling Society Accredited).

  • The Function of Overeating (BACP)

  • Working with Depression

  • Disorders of Individuation & Separation, Personality Disorders (The Link Centre)

  • Our Relationship with Things, hoarding (Online Events)

  • Passive Behaviours (The Link Centre)

  • Nurturing Resilience During a Traumatic Crisis

  • Working with Out of Control Sexual Behaviours During Lockdown (Online Events)

  • Return to Default Settings during COVID-19 (The Link Centre)

  • How to Help Clients with Anger (BACP)

  • Resistance to Change (The Link Centre)

  • Moving Towards Physical & Mental Health: those suffering from disorderd eating (Online Events)

  • Gut Brain Axis - How Food Helps or Hinders Mental Health (Online Events)

  • Food as Friend or Foe (Online Events)

  • Working Successfully with Men (Online Events)

  • Eating Disorders, 4 part workshop (Online Events)

  • Working with Socially Anxious Clients (Online Events)