If you have a question that isn't included here or want to know more, please feel free to contact me.

What do I look for in a counsellor?

This is a great question and an important one.  Reflecting on this enables you to connect with your intuition and ask yourself what you need.  Is gender or age important?  What do you need to feel safe with someone?  The relationship you create with your counsellor is the basis of the therapy itself and it is ok for you to be selective.  The initial free telephone consultation is an opportunity for you to find out whether I am the right fit for you.  Counselling is about learning to listen to yourself.  Go with your gut!

How long does counselling last?

This varies enormously and depends on what you want to explore and how deep you want to go. The majority of clients I support are in long-term relationships with me.  I have been in a relationship with my counsellor for about 10 years. I find him and what we have created to be a valuable, challenging and enriching source of support.  

You can choose to do:

  • A one-off Consultation.

  •  short-term work (6-12 sessions) and be very focused  and specific about what you want to explore, or

  •  Long-term work, which enables you to explore yourself in depth, become very self-aware and compassionate with yourself.


The relationship is ongoing and we would regularly check in with each other to see/feel how it is for you. You are not obligated to stay and can end the counselling at any point. If you leave but decide later to return to our sessions, know that my door is always open. Every relationship is unique.

How often should I come?

A counselling relationship requires a commitment from both of us.  To enable us to build a relationship and create continuity and momentum, at the beginning, once a week is optimal.  My role is to support you to find the rhythm and pace which feels right for you.   Some clients choose to meet fortnightly or have a monthly check in.  Counselling requires a commitment of time, energy and finances and we would work in partnership to ensure that you experience the full value of your investment in yourself.


If you have a very busy schedule or feel overwhelmed by other commitments, I offer

  • online as a solution.  This would enable you to have a therapeutic connection and support alongside whatever is going on for you. 

  • Walk and Talks might also reflect your level of need.

  • A one-off Consultation might suit you if you do not want to commit to a counselling relationship but need to talk about what's going on for you and gain some perspective.  It can also serve as a toe in the water to help you experience what counselling is like without any sense of obligation to continue.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?


My diary is highly organised in advance to enable me to be available to clients.  Late cancellations render me unavailable to clients in need and I ask each client to agree to commit to attend all sessions booked.  I have a cancellation policy in place that I would ask you to agree to from our first contact.  I require 24 hours notice to cancel or you would be required to pay the full session fee.  Payment would need to be received prior to any subsequent session being booked.  Less than 24 hour notice would be regarded as non-attendance and the full fee is payable.


Is counselling confidential?

I take your confidentiality very seriously and we can discuss this during your initial session.  I keep short notes on sessions which are kept secure and I am also registered with the ICO: Information Commissioner’s Office.

What do you expect of me as a client?

  • To keep an open mind

  • To be honest with yourself and with me

  • To commit to yourself and the process

  • To be open to challenge

  • To give me 24-hours notice of cancellation

Does counselling work?

Yes it does.  How much you get out of it depends on your commitment to yourself and to building a therapeutic relationship with your counsellor where you explore your feelings and challenge yourself to try new things.  It will not erase your past or take away things that have happened to you.  It can help you to feel able to reclaim your life, to connect with yourself and others, and live more fully and freely.