In & Out of the Chair

  • I offer creative counselling to young people and adults. The sessions can either be in person or online. The first 'Getting to know you' session is 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are 60 minutes in length. 

  • I also offer single session therapy for individuals who need to get something off their chest, explore an issue or don't want to enter in to a longer term commitment.  Please contact me for details.

In Person

These sessions are held in my home in Dundee.  I provide a comfortable space with a variety of resources for you to follow your creative impulses or if you prefer, to try guided practices and as an addition,I can offer Pug Hugs. If you would like a small, lazy dog nestled on your lap, my dog Pablo is always happy to oblige. See below for details.


This approach is best for clients who do not live in the geographical area or who may not be able to leave the house.  It maintains the intimacy of ‘In Person’ sessions but can be more practical for individuals.  Connection transcends the screen and meaningful and profound work can take place within the virtual space.

Counsellors in Training

  Counselling is a practice of self-care and celebration alongside a valuable experience for all counsellors to know intimately.  If you are a counsellor in training and need to fulfill a certain amount of hours of counselling as part of your requirements, I offer a discount for block sessions. Please contact me for details.

Pug Hugs

I have a small pug who has accompanied therapeutic processes for his whole life.  Many clients request his company during sessions.  He has a sweet nature and clients find it grounding and comforting as he snores through a session.  He remains at ease with strong emotion, offering an embodied reminder to reality check the stories we tell ourselves about how shameful and unlovable we are.


Benefits of a Pug Hug:

  • Animals co-regulate with us, our hearts attuning to the same rhythm.

  • Studies show that interacting with a friendly pet increases the sense of trust towards another person. 

  • Animals offer unconditional acceptance.

  •  Stroking a pet has been shown to positively impact on the endocrine system (collection of glands that release hormones), reduce cortisol levels in the body (stress hormone), and increase oxytocin levels (social bond hormone).


Please let me know if his presence would soothe and support you .


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