Conscious Movement with Caroline

"We have nothing to teach you. We only help you to discover what is already there, within you.

                                                                           Charlotte Selver

Conscious movement is a creative and experiential self-care practice. 

My role is to support you to explore spontaneous movement and

expression, with a focus on your internal experiences rather than

how it looks or to achieve any particular outcome.

The greater we can know ourselves and make choices responsive

to what is happening in that moment, the greater freedom we

have to be spontaneous and express ourselves authentically,

discarding outdated masks, patterns, should and should nots.

In conscious movement sessions, I would support you to know

yourself through practices which include:

  • spontaneous movement and inquiry

  • therapeutic touch

  • conscious breath

  • conscious embodiment

  • sound and vibration

  • deepening perceptual awareness

  • being curious 

  • imaginative play

  • creative expression

  • support new movement and sensory pathways

Conscious movement can help support you to:

  •  Move between rest and activity.

  •  Develop your ability to self-regulate.

  •  Re-discover the innate wisdom of your bodily intelligence.

  •  Befriend your body.

  •  Bridge the body/mind split.

  •  Slow down in order to locate yourself in the moment.

  •  Deepen your capacity to give and receive.

  •  Deepen your understanding of your boundaries and how to honour them.

  •  Express yourself congruently.

  •  Connect and stay connected for longer periods of time.


If you are curious about Conscious movement or would like to practice self-care which supports authentic expression through movement, spontaneity and creativity in a safe and non-judgemental relationship, please contact me.

A moment from my Somatic Practice-Led Movement Research in the V&A Dundee, May 2019.