Somatic Movement

  • Sometimes talking isn't enough


  • Sometimes we've had enough of talking

  • Sometimes there are no words


This is a space to let the body share it's own stories through the language of movement & spontaneous expression. Contemporary living requires our energy to move upward to our thoughts and this is where we can spend most of our time.  Moving Matters recognises the whole body as the primary source of perception, intuition & information, supporting us to return to our nature in support of wholeness.

Sessions are safe, creative spaces to deepen our understanding of ourselves in movement through a combination of practices which include breathwork, sound, therapeutic touch, imagery and finding balance between activity and rest.  The body and its processes are held in central focus during sessions and whilst emotions naturally arise in response to flow and release, it is the body story which we shall attend to and how the body can be supported in its authentic expression, enabling you to give yourself permission to trust and follow the impulses of the body in its innate direction towards presence, healing, balance and joy. 





  • Sessions are individual & last up to one hour beginning with a verbal check in and acknowledgement of what needs our attention today, followed by gentle support into bodily awareness.  This might include breathwork, guided imagery and the invitation to follow what the body needs. 


  • Sessions might involve movement or deep rest and you are invited to develop your capacity to bear witness to your own internal experiences and to be in conscious relationship with your immediate environment at the same time.  After a period of individual exploration where I bear active witness to your process, you are then invited to integrate your experience through creativity and there is time taken for mark making, clay work or writing before a final sharing & check in at the end of the session.

* Group Movement Sessions available on request.


photo taken from group somatic movement workshop

If you are curious about Moving Matters or would like to practice self-care which supports authentic expression through movement, spontaneity and creativity in a safe and non-judgemental relationship, please contact me.