Somatic Movement


Our bodies are alive & full of wisdom, we are nature embodied.  By listening to our bodies, we can discover what we really need, enabling us to make informed choices in our lives.

Somatic movement sessions are a safe space for you to be supported in to a curious, kind and respectful relationship with your body so you have access to the aliveness & wisdom within you.

In sessions, we shall take some time to tune in to the body and explore how the body is through practices such as breathwork, natural movement, sound & talking, therapeutic touch & creative practices which support integration of your experiences.

I am a registered somatic movement educator and therapist which means I recognise the body as home.  I am curious about what the body knows and I am passionate about supporting people to come home to themselves.

If this piques your interest or you recognise your relationship with body has been traumatised, please contact me.  I shall be delighted to here from you.