About me

I am a solid & creative practitioner with extensive experience supporting individuals and groups to develop & nourish self-awareness, self-compassion and well-being skills.  I counsel with heart and soul and have been in practice for over 18 years.


I follow my heart and have settled in different countries yet I always return to Dundee. This time feels different as I am planting roots and nurturing them through self-care practices.


These roots flow between two very different countries and cultures, Scotland and Greece.  Throughout my life I have identified with one or the other and at this stage, I embrace them equally as they nourish me in different ways. 


Having lived in both countries, I understand the importance of belonging and identity; the need to feel a connection with those around you, and with the world itself, especially when you tell yourself you are on the outside or have no embodied sense you are meant to be here. My family have refugee histories and I feel their sense of uproot in my blood.


I also know the importance of having a safe space to be yourself and was drawn to counselling because I wanted to be someone who could help people experience their own sense of safety and belonging in the world. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

 As a person-centred counsellor, I consciously embody deepened relational ways of being which implicitly and explicitly say to each client they are accepted as they are, they are not alone as I am willing to enter their world, attuning to their experiences and I am listening deeply; music is the space between the notes and I pay particular attention to what lies beneath and between.

Part of my role as a counsellor is to wholeheartedly communicate to each client how welcome they are.  I invite curiosity, listening for subtle clues about what animates and awakens each client.  I invite clients to open to themselves in new ways, to slow down and pay attention to themselves, to lean in and listen to themselves with a loving ear.  Each session is an invitation to undertake a piece of personal inquiry.  The relationship is at the heart of counselling and by consistently meeting each client with an open heart and my feet solidly in connection with the ground, I take tender steps towards the heart of the client. 


Many clients have experienced pain and trauma which has kept them disconnected in service to their survival.  As a trauma and somatic informed practitioner, I invite clients to get to know their biology through embodied research into their nervous systems. 

My journey is ongoing and I have recently graduated with distinction with an M.A in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing from UCLAN.   I experience profound growth as I embrace my transformational journey.  I had the honour of undertaking somatic movement research in the V&A Dundee & published an article; this has changed my life and I cannot overstate how vital imagination, consciously embodied experience and movement are to the process of healing.  As part of an embodied spirituality module, I honoured my experiences which sprang forth by visiting Maman the sculpture in Bilbao, dancing my silent acknowledgement of this particular archetypal energy within me.  I am currently documenting my journeying through the pandemic.

Enfolding my wisdom and experience into my practice, I offer creative & somatic counselling and conscious movement sessions in Dundee. My aim is to support individuals to reunite mind and body with the world.  Deepening our conscious relationship with our internal bodily experiences enables us to know ourselves and connect at a deeper level in relationships with others and the world around us.  We have the internal resources we need to live responsively and fully and innate wisdom to depend upon.  Restoration and holistic healing begins when we befriend our bodies, re-opening to our inter-connectedness with nature.

Me captured during the final round of my Somatic Practice-led Research in the V&A Dundee.

I am fascinated by our relationships with space and architecture and the silent dialogues exchanged between our bodies and our environments.  By tuning in to the sensory stream of information we receive and transmit, we can bring our most subtle experiences to awareness and make choices responsive to the truths revealed.

Me captured on camera playing "A what?" as part of a Playfulness in Adulthood workshop with the wonderful Bernie DeKoven.

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