About me

Me captured on camera playing "A what?" as part of a Playfulness in Adulthood workshop with the wonderful Bernie DeKoven.


I am a solid & creative practitioner with extensive experience supporting individuals and groups to develop & nourish self-awareness, self-compassion and well-being skills.  I counsel with heart and soul and have been in practice for over 20 years. 


As an adult, unsettled with restlessness and the yearning to belong, I would leave Dundee behind several times, following my heart to live in vibrant dwellings such as New York City and Paris, nourishing my hungry soul with fresh perceptions, yet I always return. As a result of my research, I now embody a sense of home and have planted roots, nurturing them through self-care practices.


My roots flow between two very different countries and cultures, Scotland and Greece.  Having lived in both countries, I understand the importance of belonging & identity, the need to feel a connection with those around you & the world itself.  Many of us feel on the outside, different & have no embodied sense we are meant to be here.  My family have refugee histories & I sense their uproot & displacement in my blood.


I also know the importance of having a safe space to be yourself and was drawn to counselling because I wanted to be someone who could help people experience their own embodied sense of safety & belonging.  For me, counselling & embodiment practices are an invitation to come home to ourselves.  I can't imagine doing anything else.

How I counsel

As a person-centred counsellor & somatic movement therapist, I consciously embody deepened relational ways of being which implicitly and explicitly say to each client they are accepted as they are, they are not alone as I am willing to enter their world, attuning to their experiences.  Music is the space between the notes and together, we would pay particular attention to what lies beneath and between, noticing the subtle and not so subtle clues about what animates and where there is charge in the body.

With the relationship at the heart of the process, I work alongside clients at their pace, gently challenging, inviting curiosity & meaningful inquiries into who they are and how they meet themselves in the moment. This can be done by slowing down & paying attention to ourselves by leaning in & listening with a loving ear.  Working at depth, I offer clients experiences of empathy & acceptance & over time, a client's ability to receive compassion & empathy increases.  Freud once said this work is in it's essence, a 'cure through love' and I too believe the relational conditions which foster healing come from this place.



I am fascinated by our relationships with space and architecture and the silent dialogues exchanged between our bodies and our environments.  By tuning in to the sensory stream of information we receive and transmit, we can bring our most subtle experiences to awareness and make choices responsive to the truths revealed.

My Research

The foundations of my somatic inquiry are to dwell within a sacred space which enlivens and extends my perceptual field. By entering a dialogue of relational depth with an ensouled space, I am in fact, engaging deeply with a dwelling which has been built to restore feelings of home and inter-connectivity. By moving in site-specific areas within the museum which I perceive as calling to me, I may discover fresh perceptions and expressions of soul.

Me captured during the first round of my Somatic Practice-led Research in the V&A Dundee, 2019.

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